The War and Deceit Series


The War and Deceit Series is my newest series, and is now complete.

The War and Deceit series is a slow burn high fantasy series that features fae, fated mates an in-depth plot and lots of world building. Featuring a human slave who is sent to clean in a forbidden part of the castle, she bumps into her worst enemy, a captured elf. Will they see past the differences between their races and help each other to survive? Or will their union only serve to stoke the fires of hatred?

Buy Fires of Hatred

Buy Fires of Treason

Buy Fires of Ruin

Buy Fires of War

A Lady of Embers, coming 2021

A City of Smoke and Ashes, coming 2021

*These books are intended for audiences 18+ and contains some scenes of violence that some may find distressing. These will end up as reverse harem stories, meaning the female character will have more than one male partner at the end of the books.*

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