List of works

The Cursed Women Universe:

Venom and Stone

Betrayal and Curses


Shadowborn Series:

Book one- Hunted by Shadows.

Book two- Lost in Shadows.

Book three- Embraced by Shadows.

The Shadowborn Series- The complete series, Omnibus.


War and Deceit Series:

Fires of Hatred, Book One. Publication March 2020

Fires of Treason, Book Two. Publication June 2020

Fires of Ruin, Book Three. Publication September 2020

Fires of War, Book Four. Publication December 2020


Fires of the Fae series:

A Lady of Embers

A Spark of Promise

A Legacy of Hope and Ash


Co-author books:

Circus Save Me- by Erin O’Kane and K. A Knight:

Circus Save Me, Book One. Published November 2018

Circus Saves Christmas- a Circus Save Me Novella. Published December 2018

Taming the Ringmaster, Circus Save Me, Book Two. Published 2019


The Wild Boys with K.A. Knight:

One Night Only- Anthology piece. Publication date 14th February 2019

The Wild Interview-  Published March 2019

The Wild Tour- Published May 2020

The Wild Finale- Published January 2021


The Hero Complex, coauthored with K.A. Knight

Published April 2019


Wicked Waves Series with Loxley Savage

Twisted Tides, Book One- Published May 2019

Tides that Bind, Book Two- Published September 2020

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