List of works

Shadowborn Series:

Book one- Hunted by Shadows. Published November 2018

Book two- Lost in Shadows. Published March 2019

Book three- Embraced by Shadows. Publication November 2019


War and Deceit Series:

Fires of Hatred, Book One. Publication date- 20th March 2020


Co-author books:


Circus Save Me- by Erin O’Kane and K. A Knight:

Circus Save Me. Published November 2018

Circus Saves Christmas- a Circus Save Me Novella. Published December 2018

Taming the Ringmaster, Circus Save Me book 2. Published 2019


The Wild Boys. Co-author project with K.A. Knight:

One Night Only- Publication date 14th February 2019

The Wild Interview-  Published March 2019

The Wild Tour- Publication date: 16th May 2020


The Hero Complex, coauthored with K.A. Knight

Published April 2019


Wicked Waves Series with Loxley Savage

Twisted Tides, Book 1- Publishing on 31st May 2019

Wicked Waves book 2- Publishing date TBA

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