The Cursed Women Universe

The Cursed Women Universe is a series of standalones and duets that fit within the same world, all of which featuring different characters. The one thing our leading ladies have in common is that they were all cursed into the form of a monster, tricked by ‘true love’. The cruel thing is, true love is their only chance at redeption.

All of the standalones and duets can be read in any order, but I would start the journey to this world with Maya in the Venom and Stone duet, featuring a gorgon, rich worldbuilding and fated mates.

Start with Venom and Stone, and finish Maya’s story with Betrayal and Curses.

Fractured Wings is a standalone with dragons and a main character with a broken past. Find out more about the story and get your copy here.

More stories coming to the Cursed Women Universe Soon!

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