Erin O’Kane and K.A. Knight

The Wild Interview



The Wild interview is book one in The Wild Boys series by myself and K.A. Knight.

This cheeky story was born after we wrote about Gabby for a short anthology piece, but we fell in love with the characters and decided to write the story of how they met.

This story features Gabby, who while interviewing for the role of a music tour manager accidentally goes into the wrong interview room and is now in charge of a touring all male strip troupe.



I have been working hard my whole life for people to take me seriously. After all, women ‘don’t belong’ in the music industry. However, when an interview goes wrong, I am offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, to manage The Wild Boys, an all-male strip show featuring bad boys with an even worse reputation.

It’s now my job to fix it, if I can keep my hands to myself.

Jealous girlfriends, adoring fans and venue problems are all part of the job, but I never expected that my feelings would get in the way of my career.

One thing is for certain, it’s going to be a year to remember.

Welcome to The Wild Boys.



Circus Save Me

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‘Circus Save Me’ was my first co-author project with K. A Knight and is now available on the Amazon Kindle

store and Kindle Unlimited.

Circus Save Me is going to be a series, ‘Taming the Ringmaster’ being the next instalment.

We also released a Christmas themed novella called ‘Circus Saves Christmas’, which is a short story about Rhea and her guys as they learn about Christmas and make their own traditions. This is also available to buy on Amazon Kindle store and Kindle Unlimited.


Circus Save Me Blurb:
It’s been over thirty years since the bombs dropped that almost decimated the planet. The fallout changed not only the animals and the landscape, but the people too. Freaks they called them; outcasts of society and hunted for their powers. The Circus has the only people to openly flaunt them, offering a haven for the lost and the damned.
Rhea works for a powerful man in the male-dominated world and she is treated no better than a slave.
Until one day she saves a stranger and it changes her life forever.
Will Rhea find her place within the freaks, or will this be her final show?
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